Hygiene and Cleaning Supplies Sign Up Form!

Are you an individual or a family seeking access to essential hygiene and cleaning supplies? Our program is dedicated to providing these necessities to those in need. We recognize that traditional assistance programs, such as food stamps, often do not extend to cover these crucial items, which are frequently overlooked but essential for daily living.

At Gods Vision Foundation, we endeavor to ensure that our shelves are stocked with a variety of hygiene and cleaning products, including items that may not be considered everyday essentials, such as lotions and pads. This is made possible through the generosity of donations from community members and local organizations.

To access our monthly supply offerings, individuals and families can sign up through our provided form. Additionally, recipients are required to contact us every 90 days to schedule an appointment for pick-up. This ensures that our resources are distributed efficiently and fairly among those in need.

By collaborating with our community and supporters, we aim to alleviate the burden of accessing basic hygiene and cleaning supplies for individuals and families facing financial hardship.

Want to help us reach more families in need?

You can make a difference today, by making a monetary donation.